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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the BusinessAppMall?
  • BusinessAppMall takes your business mobile in three simple steps. Our online app marketplace allows business owners to create a customized app that delivers powerful solutions to increase revenue, drive acquisition and build brand loyalty and awareness. With our app library constantly expanding, it is easy find the best solution for your business.
  • Why use BusinessAppMall?
  • Did you think you were too small to have your own business app? Think again! All businesses can benefit from a custom app solution - and with BusinessAppMall, we make it easy for you. Our apps help you generate sales, expand market share and raise brand awareness. Mobile apps make doing business quick and convenient - for you and your customers.
  • What if you don't have an app that fits my business?
  • If we don't currently have an app that fits your business, you can use our Direct2Millions marketing platform to build your own, or email to discuss setting up an app that better serves your needs.
  • How many people can use my app?
  • The number of users is subject to the package you choose and can be upgraded at any time.
  • Can I get my own icon?
  • Yes! For a small processing charge we can use your icon. If you do not have an icon we can design one for a minimal fee.
  • Can I include my app in the BusinessAppMall?
  • Yes! Contact our sales department at 888-841-2237 for details.
  • Do you have desktop apps?
  • Yes! Our marketing solution Direct2Millions features a desktop app that allows you to publish to the screen saver of your subscribers' computers.
  • Are apps available in my language?
  • Available languages are listed in the Languages section on every application page. Before you purchase an application, review the Languages section to make sure your desired language is supported.
  • How do you cancel an app?
  • You will not want to! However, if you need to cancel at any time, simply contact our sales office at 888-841-2237 and we will address your concerns or cancel your plan as promptly as possible.